2018 Dairy Research Symposium

Agenda and Welcome

Dairy Research for a Healthy World - Highlights

Milk Products: The Total Package

·     Dairy and prevention of type 2 diabetes - Anthony Hanley, University of Toronto

Fact Sheet:  Milk products may help in the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes

·     The effects of dairy on subjective appetite and post-prandial glycemia - Harvey Anderson, University of Toronto

·     Dairy products and bone health - Hope Weiler, McGill University

·     Dairy and metabolic syndrome - Hassan Vatanparast, University of Saskatchewan

·     Dairy products and cardiometabolic health: the role of dairy matrix - Jean-Philippe Drouin-Chartier, Laval University 

Fact Sheet: Dairy and cardiometabolic outcomes

Genetics and Genomics - Tools for Dairy Business Improvement

Genetics and Genomics - Tools for Dairy Business Improvement

Jacques Chesnais, Genetics Consultant, Canadian Dairy Network

Workshop – Automatic Milking Systems: Rising up to the challenges of transition and production

Workshop – The costs of mastitis and emerging strategies for prevention

Workshop – Benchmarking dairy cattle comfort and new practices for calf care

New science for dairy sustainability

·     Dairy Sustainability: Water - Andrew VanderZaag, AAFC - Ottawa

·     Increasing the energy of Canadian forages fed to high producing dairy cows - Annie Claessens, AAFC - Quebec

·     Balancing dairy rations for protein: filling the gaps and updating formulation models to reduce protein intake - Hélène Lapierre, AAFC - Sherbrooke

NextGen Dairy Research - Student Video Contest

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