Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I find researchers in dairy cattle production in Canada?

A. By the researcher name, institution name or by areas of interest.

Q. What subject areas can I choose from to narrow down my searches?

A. Animal comfort: animal comfort, animal welfare, behaviour, calves, cows, floor, mats, gait, tie stall, free stall, barn design.

Feeding: nutrition, digestibility, feed, forage, grazing, silage, fiber, grain, concentrate, disease, metabolic disease, rumen, fermentation, in vitro, in vivo, nutrient, requirement, protein, amino acids, fat, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral, water, omega-3, enzyme, microbe, protozoa, metabolism, total mixed ration, ration, diet, milk production, milk composition, milk fat, milk protein, lactation.

Genetic: Holstein, Ayrshire, Jersey, Guernsey, Canadian, Brown Swiss, genealogy, progeny, sire, genetic, genomic, genotype, phenotype, chromosome, genes, genome, markers, DNA, RNA, genetic index, QTL, nucleotide polymorphism, model, variants, traits.

Health: disease, immune system, pathogens, microbes, bacteria, virus, protozoa, parasite, diagnostic tool, prevalence, antibody, antibiotic, test, vaccine, calving, transition period, early lactation, post-partum, acidosis, mastitis.

Reproduction: hormone, oocyte, follicle, corpus luteum, embryo, foetus, spermatozoid, ovulation, heat, heat detection, insemination, conception, gestation, parturition, fertility, milk production; milk, milk components, fat, protein, added-value products.

Environment: greenhouse gas, methane, ammonia, manure, phosphorus, magnetic fields.

Q. Is the information on the site copyright or proprietary?

A. Copyright. The information on the site can be used only if the source of the information is identified and provided.

Q. What is the source of information for the projects contained in the website?

A. Funding organizations' records, institutional web sites, Canadian magazines and scientific journals.

Q. Can I use the information on this site for my own research purposes?

A. Yes but you must request permission before starting a new project.

Q. Who funds the research projects contained on the site?

A. The Canadian dairy industry: dairy producers associations, private industries, government organizations (provincial and federal).

Q. Who decides which research projects are funded?

A. Dairy Farmers of Canada and the Canadian Dairy Network ultimately decide on whether to fund research projects based on the recommendations made by the PESAC and DairyGen committees.