Canadian Dairy Research Council 

Created in 2016, the Canadian Dairy Research Council (CDRC) reports to Dairy Farmers of Canada’s (DFC) Board of Directors. The Council is responsible for approving and overseeing the development, implementation, and delivery of research investments and programs within DFC’s approved budget for human health and nutrition, and dairy production research, based on the national strategies for research and knowledge translation and transfer. It also ensures the strategic coordination of dairy farmers’ national and provincial research priorities and investments and facilitates collaboration in transferring research knowledge and findings to farmers efficiently. 
The CDRC is comprised of six members of DFC’s Board of Directors (dairy farmers) and representatives from DFC member organizations, which enables members to bridge communications between provincial organizations and the Council.
Dairy farmer representatives from DFC’s Board of Directors (voting members):
  • Reint Dykstra (NB)
  • Albert Fledderus (ON) 
  • Ed Friesen (Canadian Dairy Network) 
  • Blaine McLeod (SK) 
  • Peter Strebel (QC)
  • David Wiens (MB)
Representatives from DFC’s member organizations (non-voting members):
  • Seylene Chestley, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba 
  • Bita Farhang, Dairy Farmers of Ontario 
  • Chantal Fleury, Les Producteurs de lait du Québec
  • Élise Gosselin, Novalait Inc. 
  • Emma Strazhnik, British Columbia Dairy Association 
  • Guy Séguin, Dairy Farmers of Ontario 
  • Mike Slomp, Alberta Milk
  • Joy Smith, SaskMilk
  • Brian Van Doormaal, Canadian Dairy Network 
  • David Walker, MILK 2020, Dairy Farmers of New Brunswick representative
The Nutrition and Production Experts Committees are made up of 9-15 scientific experts, technical advisors and dairy farmers responsible for providing scientific expertise and technical advice in the review, selection and the subsequent annual progress evaluation of projects funded under DFC research programs.
The Dairy Production Knowledge Translation and Transfer Experts Committee includes professionals working in knowledge transfer, representatives from national and provincial dairy organizations, and a dairy farmer. The committee is responsible for the planning, coordination, and prioritization of research translation, transfer and communications activities.
The Experts committees regroup independent scientists, technical experts, and specialists from different areas mandated to provide recommendations to the CDRC for consideration when making decisions regarding research investments.